Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank You, Phil

Phil Bredesen (TN-Gov) is joining the ranks of Dem leaders and speaking out against the possiblity of a brokered convention and a bloody summer that will, in all cases, lead to a GOP White House.

He wants all of the leaders to come together in June with Obama and Hillary and allow for them to make their final case.

“They have a much steeper, rockier hill to climb if it goes to the convention,” the governor said over a dinner of rockfish and red wine. “You’re going to spend this whole summer — and lots of money and time and effort — trying to convince people that whoever is eventually nominated, isn’t electable."

He continued.

“Ninety days ago, everybody was talking in warm terms about both the candidates: ‘Isn’t it wonderful? Whoever’s president is going to be great,’” the governor said. “It has gotten vastly more polarized now, and that really concerns me.”

He's right and I think that this is an excellent idea. I really hope that the SD's get together and settle this sooner than later. I know that TH will do everything to avoid this and will call it every nasty political word in the book, but this has to happen.

This will be the test to see if she what she's willing to do to become President.


Mom said...

I will try to contact my SD's. Good ol' Phil Bredesen. I always have thought he was a smart man.