Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conservative Punditry

There are a few things that I have noticed in conservative American punditry. First being that most conservative pundits (Hannity, O'Reilly, Bortz, Rush etc...) have an audience only because they say and propagate things that are so extreme, their listeners tend to believe it as a sign of intelligence rather then a disconnection with reality. Now, I can't define reality without the use of logic and reason that is based on historical fact and well-guided wisdom. That's just me. A perfect example: Coulter.

Secondly, conservative punditry and its audience seems to thrive and feed off of arguments won not by substance, but by volume. The louder they get the more they fire themselves up and the more their audience buys their crap.

These two facets of conservative debate are perfectly illustrated in the video below. Kevin James, the conservative host of his own show, tries to pull this crap on Chris Matthews. The problem with these guys, is that they can't debate. They can only talk AT a microphone. This guy and conservative punditry is an embarrassment.


Mom said...

I saw this as it was was so completely absurd! This guy made a fool of himself. Bet he will not get invited on that show again..or maybe any other!

Anonymous said...

The young dude needs to stay away from the crack rock!

Oncle jean said...

Anonymous was actually Oncle Jean. This guy is so ignorant. All he does is fulminate. No one reads history anymore.