Friday, May 30, 2008

Then Stop Buying!

Korean President Lee Myung-bak who took office earlier this year coasted to victory with a 60-40 split. Now, he is facing approval ratings that are right there with George W. Bush. Both men are enjoying their time at the top, while 71% of the electorate disapproves of the job they are doing.

"Supporters of Lee Myung-bak in the presidential race last December have now turned their back on the President primarily over controversial negotiations with the United States on beef imports, according to the latest survey."

The interesting part is why Koreans disapprove: American beef. This xenophobic or national sensationalistic issue is the most ridiculous trends I have seen in Korea. I'm tired of reading and writing about it, but the street protests continue. Rather than protesting to lift your ego, why not try really protesting and boycott the meat. These protesters go out into the streets, get all worked up and angry, but then come home and eat American beef. Try sending a message: Don't buy or eat American beef.

It think the greater issue is how easily and susceptable to trends Korean voters are. Think for yourself, don't buy into Cyworld Talking Points and don't blame the government for something that you can avoid yourself.

Stop buying the meat and stop buying trendy political issues!

**Australian beef tastes better anyways.**


Harriet said...

No...disagree! American beef is the best....we had several types while in Asian and prime American beef can not be topped!

I think the Koreans are protesting just for the sake of protesting! So if they came to the USA they would not eat American beef??

Romeiser said...

Every once in awhile, there is a wave of nationalism which translates to anti-Americanism. It will fade when beef is not the hot political issue.