Monday, May 19, 2008

Oregon will end it all...

TH changes the rules every chance they get and the newest installment is "only the popular vote should count". Of course, how they arrive at this number is perhaps the most stirring or maybe I should say, typical calculation. By counting FL and MI and discounting ALL of the totals from the caucus states, they claim that they have a strong lead. And if they do this, their math is correct. If they pick and choose which votes should count and which need to be ignored, then she does a have a (weak)lead.

Regardless, the race is essentially over and Oregon is going to be the final and much needed slap that she needs to realize that it is time to unify around Obama and put the party ahead of personal ambition.

Take a look at the turnout in Portland for Obama...

There were over 75,000 there to listen to him.

I love the boats. How typical of the liberal West! This is a good sign of what is going to happen in Oregon. Suck it Kentucky!


Mom said...

Amazing stuff, huh? Both the Oregon crowds and TH calculations and then re-calculations!