Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Junk Food Bans

Banning junk food? Looks like American food to me (which is a little junky, but I liked the choice of junk.)

This is another misguided attempt by some Korean citizens to change behavior. Rather than education or taking responsibilty for how they act or eat, they blame television commercials and other people for their fat kids. This problem is not a Korean one, but one that all people try to do. I understand it's easier to blame other people for your problems, but eating too much unhealthy food is your fault.

"A new law protecting children's health ― set to be effective March 22 ― will ban food firms from promoting free toys and add-ins on television, radio and online advertisements. This means, don't expect to see what the latest happy meal toy is on McDonald's adverts."

This issue is a little different here though. There are not tons of fast food chains on every corner here. There are not vending machines backed with junk in the schools. Just like US did with cigarettes and booze, Koreans are blaming commercials for making their kids fat.

Parents needs to take the blame and stop feeding their kids crap. And if they're worried about the health of their kids, then stop forcing your kids into hagwons all day and night and keep them home with a book and a nice meal.


ZenKimchi said...

So true. I'm thinking of one particular unnecessarily overweight kid who comes to school everyday munching on those Pokemon-shaped dunkass on a stick.

Disgusting stuff. Yet every day he eats the same thing.

Harriet said...

Free choice but let's be educated. Poor nutrition just like smoking and drinking..poor choices.

A nice meal and a good book at night. Perfect idea for children. I will be anxious to see whether that happens at your house some day!