Friday, May 23, 2008

Operation: Ignore McCain = Elect McCain

I know that supporting McCain for no reason and giving him a free ride on every issue is hip now, but putting his unethical shrew of a wife in Vogue magazine is a new low. Why does the MSM constantly choose to go out of there way to paint over the potentially dark world of the McCain family?

"In the upcoming issue of Vogue, Cindy McCain stretches out in a sunny photo spread, sporting skinny jeans and red nail polish. The magazine hasn't hit the newsstands yet, but already Buzz is sizzling over the barefoot style shot."

Rather than the media running stories about her unwavering stance on releasing her tax information (which is a must for a potential First Lady) or asking questions about her company's shading donations to the McCain camp or even Saint John getting to cruise around in her company's private jet at prices that would make Prince Bandar jealous, they choose to take soft summer pictures of his plastic SECOND wife.

It is becoming very clear why the MSM takes the side of the GOP before the election and rails into them the next day and it is the best way to keep ratings and their job. Next time...


Harriet said...

Hey, hey to the SECOND WIFE notation!

Yes, it will be interesting to see if Cindy ever releases those tax returns. If she will only have to if the First Lady, let's hope she does not have that opportunity.

oncle jean said...

Well, some returns, not all, have been released. Why doesn't anyone talk about the shabby way McCain treated his first wife?

Harriet said...

Yea, cheated on her big time!