Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honeymoon Part 4: The Videos

Words are good, pictures are better, but videos are the best. Not really, but here are a bunch of short clips from our trip...

This one is on our second night, right before we took our sailboat ride at sunset.

Here we are starting our ride with a little tequila.

Another video. We're getting closer to that rain!

The high-speed race begins!

Second night eating...

Post nightclub walk on the beach.

Some snorkeling. Notice the Koreans and their proximity to the boat.

Our last night as we are leaving the hotel for the evening.

And finally, you can see what a morning looked like.

I know that these videos were all pretty bad and filled with me ranting about nothing, but you should be used to that at this point if you read this blog.


Mom said...

I loved them all...especially the recounting of your dream about me coming back to Korea to see Wonderland! I am there! HA!