Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Younger Than the Mack!"

The age of the Senior senator from Arizona is and certainly will continue to be a major issue in the GE. There is no doubt about that and it certainly needs to be discussed in terms of perception and wisdom rather then health itself. Health will not be a slam dunk for the Dems no matter what. McCain has already hid the majority of his medical records after his surgery a few years ago and that has faded like so many other glaring problems. If the Dems can change the dialogue from NOTHING to his dated perception (that seems to be changing for the worse everyday since becoming the presumptive nominee), flawed wisdom and checkered background, then they channel the concern that voters have with his age.

It is rare that all three candidates are senators. They are typically the easiest to label "flip-flopper" because of their extensive voting record. McCain has been all over the place and involved in his share of scandals, yet he is getting a free ride. It surprises me how little the DNC has not taken the time during this long primary season to rail into McCain's record. I know the MSM wants to have children with McCain, but what we are seeing is disgusting. Guess what? We can critizize a war hero! It is okay! You're not being unpatriotic!

So, while the DNC gets their sh*t together and starts to consider how to win an election, the rest of us can have a little fun with the GOP's senior citizen.

If you want more of a currently updated list, check this out. It's excellent.


Harriet said...

Very entertaining! Puts things in perspective.

How do you find these things?