Friday, May 23, 2008

Sort of, Kind of

McCain will release his medical records...kind of. The question is not how poor his health is because we know it is not in top shape and certainly not ready for the most demanding job in the world. I wonder, Will the media just let this piss poor excuse for medical disclosure go without critique?

The rules for the "release" are as follows:

1) Only a small, select group of reporters will have access to the records in a secure room in Phoenix, AZ.

2) Access is limited to only three hours, between 7 and 10 AM on Friday.

3) No copying of the records is permitted.

From the Vatican (McCain Camp):

"Campaign officials said they were imposing the restrictions to prevent the actual records from wide dissemination. Mr. McCain said late last week that he had nothing to hide. Campaign officials have nonetheless said that even if nothing in the records suggests a problem with his health, a rush of news media reports focusing on the cancer surgery was not politically helpful and that they wanted to play down the information as much as possible — something that the timing of the release would seem to accomplish."

It's almost like he is intentionally mocking the media's affair with him. Hiding health records because it is not "politically helpful" seems odd since it it coming from the "Straight Talk Express". But when St. John McCain is involved, then everything that used to be the standard of political liability suddenly fades into the grey.

But wait! Let's look at when St. McCain is releasing his records: On the Friday BEFORE Memorial Day. It's "a holiday weekend document dump" just how much McCain has learned from the Bush administration about the manipulation of public opinion.

Three main rules:

1) Never admit an error. Truth and justice never outweigh being branded as a "flip-flopper".

2) Release stories in a controlled environment. This way, any and all possible critique of it is not "based on facts", but wild pinko-commie theories.

3) Use holidays, anniversaries, or any (inter)national tradgedy to simultaneously reveal politically damaging information (not matter how serious they are).

And it's not even June yet. Brace yourselves!


Harriet said...

I just read the report released on MSN News. I really do not think his health should be made a is his platforms, interests, plans that should be of the biggest concern.