Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As much as I want to ignore the crushing victory that HRC enjoyed in KY, I simply cannot. She won and she won every democraphic with ease. She and her supporters are going to play this up BIG TIME. Expect to hear "game changer" and "Obama's Appalalchian problem" over and over again.

Let me be clear: This was not a game changer. The game was always hard for Obama in some places and hard for Clinton in others. Kentucky was going to go this way and this big since January. It is, however, time for Obama supporters to seriously be concerned about his chances in November. I am getting concerned.

Here is why:

1) CNN, NBC, and most of the Obama campaign and supporters are pretending Florida and Michigan do not exist. They will declare that Barack Obama has won a majority of the pledged delegates in the Dem race. They will declare that 2.3 million voters in Florida and Michigan do not exist. This is not only outrageous of these news organizations, it is monumentally stupid of the Obama campaign. This is the best way to lose FL in the general election.

2) By refusing to bend in FL, he has handed Hillary Clinton the most appealing battle cry a politician could possibly have - count the votes. Donna Brazile and Keith Olbermann and the other Obama surrogates can scream about the rules, and believe me that I want to as well. But while we are doing that, Hillary Clinton can fight for the votes!

3) And this is the biggest one. How many Clintonites will switch to Obama? A lot more Obama supporters will move to her than her's to him. This suggests that her supporters are not as loyal to the party as they are to her, but this is how the game works. We have to confront this issue or McCain will win based on Dem tension.

The Dems need to seriously think about the best way to beat McCain. McCain is getting the biggest free ride ever and if he wins it will be because the Dems beat themselves...again.


Mom said...

This is becoming such a tedious mess. Let us flash forward to mid-June and have this decided and behind us...hopefully.