Monday, May 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished v. 2.0

McCain has proven over and over again that he is a world class douche bag. Whether it be is ridiculus maverick persona, his self-proclaimed ethical guru status or his ability to turn his back on everything he stood for before becoming the nominee, he always seem to have plenty of reserves.

His mosy recent ad, 2013, is by far the worst I have seen. And this video, coupled with his recent speech where he summed up how great the world will be when he starts his second term proves that his presidency will be nothing short of another Bush run.

If you remember, Bush did not actually say "Mission Accomplished". He touted the idea and I'm not giving him a free pass, but it was McCain who used the phrase over and over again and now we see it for ourselves.

The question of course is "What plan has McCain offered to get these things accomplished?" -nothing. He only offers GOP talking points, but in this current political environment where the GOP is losing even its strongest seats, that is not going to work.