Sunday, May 18, 2008

Honeymoon Part 3

I'm going to speed this up a bit because I want to write about some other things, but I feel like I should wrap this up first.

Our final night in Boracay was different. Well, not really, but we did walk to another part of the beach. Still, we ended up drinking, shopping, listening to a couple bands and getting an hour-long beach massage for under a dollar. So, rather than writing about the final moments of Boracay, I have decided to tell it with pictures.

My beautiful wife as we are leaving the hotel.

These two Filipino women on stage behind 고 sang the worst songs beautifully.

I'm red.

Nice foot. I'm seduced though.

This was a fun (and empty) bar. This drink was super strong, hence the stiffy face.
This bar was our favorite. It was partially covered, sported bean bags around low tables and a rockin' Filipino band that sang all Western tunes.

It's actually not a martini. It's a gimlet. That's right.

Man, I got red.

Three things: her tattoo is a henna (fake), I'm way more into the kiss and she can multi-task. This was the end of the night for us and the next morning we woke up early for a few last minute cruises.

It was a lizard on the wall outside of our room.

The following morning. Is this not the most typical thing to take a picture of in the tropics?

No, wait...this is.

We had a great breakfast here. This place was hidden by thick jungle.

Our friends: 고, Glen, moi, B-Boy. Glen's shirt is awesome.

On our way back to the "airport".

A really neat old basketball goal.

Anything goes in SE Asia.

A village in the jungle.

Our last view of Boracay.

Welcome to Manila...

Small, but safe.

They put ice in beer down there. It was odd.

We went to our hotel (Manila Hotel). It has a very long history and you should click here if you want to read about it. Here are a few pics...

Quite a lobby.

They were playing at 3:30pm. Why?

Here's our view.

That fort looking thing was built by the Spanish. They did not want to be on the "same level" as their colonized subjects. Of course, there is a golf course built around it now.
We got a 1.5 hour massage that evening. I had a sunburn and it hurt so bad. I kept quiet.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. It was just what a honeymoon was supposed to be and even though we were gone less than a week, it was enough time and we were happy to get back home.

**We are planning a summer trip to The Philippines this summer. It's cheap and only three hours away. How can you go wrong?


oncle jean said...

So, why is Go-won always smiling? You must keep her happy, nephew. Don't stop doing that!

Mom said...

Your Mom is going to be Mom-ish...where was your sunscreen formerly pale-faced George?

I have enjoyed everyone of these pictures and, as Uncle John said, lots of smiles and lots of happy!