Friday, May 23, 2008

"Obama's White Problem"

The last two HRC primary wins were in poor, rural, uneducated, white states. KY and WV were HRC's biggest wins and TH and the MSM love to frame her wins as an Obama weakness in connecting with working-class white people. They claim that it is him who has the problem. They claim that his "elitist" comments that "some folks cling" to things that are important to them in times of crisis clearly suggests that he does not understand these voters. It is his problem apparently.

This is not his problem. Obama has connected with millions of poor working clas voters in dozens of states. This is being highlighted only because each contest is spread out and the last two HRC wins have been two civil war throw backs.

Obama does not have a problem with working-class whites. THEY have a problem with him.

Regardless of who covered this story, the voters clearly let their racist opinion's be known. As far as the city vote goes, most of these states are rural. In no way am I suggesting that a vote for HRC or McCain is a racist vote, but don't let people say that Obama is losing these voters because of "his problem". He lost KY and WV by such a margin because of his race.

***Do you think that these "folks" would have talked to Al Jazeera if they knew anything of its background? Ignorance!


Harriet said...

That video is frightening but not surprising. We lived in TN for years and OK is also a Hillary state.