Monday, June 02, 2008

Korea is asking for it!

In its ninth straight day of protests, the anti-US beef Korean protesters have only intensified their unfounded protests.

On Sunday night, more than 20,000 citizens, undaunted by the large-scale roundups by riot police, took to the streets in central Seoul for the ninth straight day. Riot police blocked the central Gwanghwamun area, keeping them from marching toward Cheong Wa Dae.
Their all-night march towards Cheong Wa Dae, Lee Myung-bak's home, is just the latest in ridiculus attempts to feel like they are a part of something important. By the time that these jokers have calmed down and realized that burning American flags and putting stickers on riot police shields does nothing, they will wake up to a few things.

They will have lost their chances of a visa waiver to the United States. The US and other nations will limit its imports of cars, technology, phones, TV's and everything else. Without US beef, Korea will have to pay higher prices for Australian beef which will not be enough, so a shortage is imminent.

So, continue protesting. Continue your anti-American garbage because this will only hurt Korea.