Monday, June 16, 2008

Reasonable as always

As mentioned by the Marmot and reported by the NYT, Obama is critizing the unfair trade practices with Korea.

“You can't get beef into Japan and Korea, even though, obviously, we have the highest safety standards of anybody, but they don’t want to have that competition from U.S. producers,” Mr. Obama said last month in a speech to farmers in South Dakota. Last week, near Detroit, he asserted that “if South Korea is selling hundreds of thousands of cars to the United States and we can only sell less than 5,000 in South Korea, something is wrong.”

Obama is right on target here. It is totally ridiculus and while his interest in trade with Korea is more of a campaign strategy, it does speak volumes for his reasonable take on such issues. If Korea wants to us the US as a chopping board to get rid of LMB, that's fine, but don't expect the US to do any trade favors. You can only bite the hand that feeds you so many times.