Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where do they get the balls?

Is this what we're to expect? Are we supposed to listen to this garbage? I'm already to sick of this media that worships St. McCain to the point that they would have the balls to write:

"Democrats in South Dakota and Montana cast the final votes in a grueling battle for the right to facee Republican John McCain in November's presidential election, with 31 delegates to the August convention in Denver at stake."

For the f*cking right? I'm sorry, but f*ck this guy and f*ck the absurd mess of media we're about to witness.


Harriet said...

Which media is that anyway? Guess I will never hear that on my MSNBC/NBC stations.

Actually I have not been hearing any good news for McCain.

Sid said...

I will agree with your mom. I will stick to my MSNBC!

Anonymous said...

I think the "right" aspect of it has more to do with the outcome of the battle being just, not the honor of facing McCain.

Romeiser said...

I totally disagree. While McCain is going to be an easy target, the media will have the scope on Obama. Free ride from most outlets.

oncle jean said...

Still not sure how the media, with some exceptions, will go this time. They were taken for such a ride by the Bushies, especially over Iraq, unfettered surveillance, etc., that I don't think they will go gaga over McCain, especially if the Republican establishment gets behind him.