Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Mams for McCain?

Jack Cafferty from CNN's Caffert File wrote this piece about McCain's consideration of a woman for VP.

Cafferty never really offers insight, he just poses questions. I think that this might be one of the dumbest moves he could make. He is clear opponent of womens rights and I think it would move more people away from him. Democratic women are among the strongest in the world and they do not want to be pandered to based on their mams.

Here are some comments from the post.

Damian writes:

As long as McCain has his track record against women’s rights, he could fill every post in his fantasy administration with women. I’d bet women are not going to swing for him, unless of course they want unequal pay and accept their body as being the property of the federal government

Cindy from Mississippi writes:
Of course it would help. Unfortunately, given McCain’s age and the possibility that his veep will one day be president, there are a lot of women who would vote for him on that basis alone. I’m voting for him whoever he chooses, but Palin sounds best to me!

Pablo writes:
It is possible that a woman VP choice would get some support but only from those women who share the GOP Pro Life stance and want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Even with a Femme VP the most die hard Clinton supporters would be hard pressed to support Mccain as he stands for almost everything they stand against. Women ain’t stupid, you know.

Chris writes:
Well before any woman supports John Mccain, I strongly recommend that women ask about what happened with John McCain’s first wife. Also look at his record and stances on issues that women really care about. Even the so-called “security moms” should feel very insecure about a John Mccain Presidency!.

Gina writes:
I just can’t believe all the “Hillary didn’t win the Nomination-so I will Vote McCain” haters that are still out here whining.

Wake up and smell the coffee…..McCain wants to Privatize Social Security……overturn Roe vs. Wade……fully supports NAFTA and the loss of U.S. jobs…..and is willing go sacrafice more of Our Troops to a War that should have never been waged and fought.

Oh…..and lets remember how he NOW embraces the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthiset Americans (you know…..the ones that DON’T need them).

Is your bitterness/vengeance worth losing more Troops ? Losing your job to an Overseas market that is unfair to the American Worker (Don’t think that it can’t happen to you). Having to retire without Dignity and a way to support yourself because Social Security is Privatized and your money was not invested well and their is no money left?

The only Woman that can help McCain is now firmly behind Obama…..if Hillary ever wants to be Voted into a Democratice Seat (or Presidency) ever again she will have to work hard to undo all the damage that she did when she fractured Her Party.

…….even adding a Woman to Mccain’s ticket will do no good.
The only way McCain wins is if there is Voter Suppression and dirt done by the Republican Party (you know……just like what happened in 2000). WE WANT CHANGE……We do NOT want a Bush 3rd Term. Our Country will not be able to survive 4 more years of this.

These were the friendlier ones too. It's not gonna work St. McCain.