Friday, June 06, 2008

My Ears!

Yet again, Korean citizens and netizens have proven that their passionate crusade against rational and independant thought is stronger than ever. As if the riots, vigils, violence, web propaganda and demostrations weren't enough, they have now turned their intellectually absent minds against a once beloved, but now soon-to-be former television personality.

"Jeong Sun-hee, a female comedien, made the controversial comment on a listener's complaint about losing a bicycle at the site of a candlelit vigil. She said: ``Amid rising iron prices, some people have been stealing manhole covers. People participate in candlelit demonstrations over big issues such as mad cow disease, out of patriotism, but do not feel guilty over such small things as manhole theft, which is a crime. Who knows? Some of those steaming over the big issue and participating in the rally may be such small-scale offenders."

This comment is so benign and tame, but the backlash has caused her to quit some of her television shows and even issue this apology.

"I'm also a Korean who worries about the same things as you. I didn't intend to neglect public reaction, but thought people would understand me if I stayed calm for a while. I'm sorry again for not understanding you fully and making you angry,'' she said in Friday's broadcast."

She meant to say (IMO)...

"I can't believe that I misunderestimated how willfully blind my own people are. I was wrong for assuming it would be okay for having a unique thought and I promise that will always be quick to follow the great wisdom of the Korean ovine."

Of course, the ineterent petition demanding her resignation for such treason is already in full swing and you can join in the fun and let her know that indivuality like this can cause seriuos harm and will not be tolerated!


Harriet said...

Hope you do not provoke the ire of Koreans by these slams at their intellectual challenges!