Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clark will fight

I fully support Wes Clark as Obama's VP and I think that Clark just passed the first phase of the audition. From Huffington

"I know he's trying to get traction by seeking to play to what he thinks is his strong suit of national security," Clark said of McCain while speaking from his office in Little Rock, Arkansas. "The truth is that, in national security terms, he's largely untested and untried. He's never been responsible for policy formulation. He's never had leadership in a crisis, or in anything larger than his own element on an aircraft carrier or [in managing] his own congressional staff. It's not clear that this is going to be the strong suit that he thinks it is."

Obama's only choice has to be a senior military official. We can neutralize McCain and as we have seen by this "untested and untried" comment, Wes Clark is becoming the fighter that Obama needs.