Monday, June 30, 2008

So Long June 2008

June 2008 has come to a close and it was quite a month. Let's take a look at what happened this month.

We lost Bo Diddley, Tim Russert and George Carlin.

I've said it before and it's going to start happening a lot more these days. The greats of my generation and my parents' generation are going to start making that trip. At least Teddy dogged the bullet this time.

The Celtics ate the Lakers alive.

I used to be a pretty big Boston fan when I was young. I haven't paid attention since then. I used to have a pretty cool Celtics towel.

The International Olympic Committee announced a shortlist of finalists for the 2016 Olympics.

The list included Chicago, Rio, Tokyo and Madrid. It looks like it won't be Rio or Tokyo, and Greece just had it, so maybe Chicago will get it by default. Ideally, my wife and I are planning on living in Chicago and that would be great. Also, we're planning on staying with friends in London for the 2012, so we could return the hospitality.

Turkey's Constitutional Court reinstated a ban on the hijab in universities.

Forcing secularism is not right either.

Japan and North Korea resumed bilateral talks.

Like most talks with North Korea, this will not go anywhere. Prove me wrong.

Seven people were killed and ten injured in a stabbing spree in Tokyo.

This, and I just read about a 77 year old man who killed his whole family with a hammer. Rough.

Rafael Nadal won the men's singles title at the 2008 French Open for the fourth year in a row.

I first watched Nadal in summer of 2004. He was awesome. I'm better though.

Apple, Inc. introduced a new iPhone.

Of course, it already has problems. I like watching Samsung try to compete and realease the same phone, but worse and watch their profits fall.

India's prime minister Manmohan Singh called for global nuclear disarmament asking world countries to create 'timebound framework' to rid the world of atomic weapons.

Right, India. Great idea, but since when do you get a say?

South Korea's cabinet resigned following widespread protests at decisions to resume US beef imports in South Korea.

Do I have to comment on this?

US House of Representatives voted on whether to refer Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush.

Of course Kucinich is leading the charge. That guy is my hero. Huge balls and how did he get that wife? Oh yeah, his balls.

The US Midwest flooded.

And Obama got dirty while McCain flew over. Who's elitist?

Muqtada al-Sadr claimed that he is developing a new force to fight United States forces in Iraq.

What??? But McCain told me that children were planting flowers and family picnics were becoing pandemic.

Gay couples finally got married in CA.

About time. Now, will this become another election issue?

Tiger Woods won.

Big whoop.

Typhoon Fengshen roughed up the Philippines.

It actually hit right around where we honeymooned. I hope our buddy Phol is okay.

The Supreme Court ruled on Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker that the damages awarded in the Exxon Valdez case were excessive and reduces them from $2.7 billion to $507 million.

I like how the Supreme Court (well...the insane 5) can judge the damage done to the envirnoment.

China reopened Tibet to foreign tourists as a ban imposed during the Tibetan unrest was lifted.

I'm sure that Tibetans really love to be told that they've been reopened. Also, where are all of those protesters now?

North Korea destroyed the cooling tower of the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center as a sign of its commitment to ending its nuclear weapons program.

Let the rice party begin.

Barack Obama won the Primary and prepares to face old man McCain.

I think I have covered this a few times on this blog.

***Check out "Musings" as I'll be wrapping up what went on with me this month (it should be up tomorrow though***