Monday, June 09, 2008

"Open wide Mr. President."

McCain just doesn't seem to understand the challenges that he is facing. For a man that dragged his 96 year old mother around for his primary stumps to show people that he has good genes, I would think that he would put that issue to rest or at least avoid bringing it up himself, but yet again he is proving that his campaign is not the smartest.

Do you think the VP will end up having to feed McCain his jello while making sure that his denture solution is always nearby? I imagine that McCain will hear, "You dribbled a little bit on your shirt Mr. President." OR "Here comes the jello airplane. Open wide, Mr. President."
If he somehow convinces people to vote for him, I'm really concerned about his senior moments that are only going to increase. He has had so many already and GOPJoe is always going to be next to him.


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