Thursday, June 12, 2008

Does this qualify as "important"?

While St. McCain is busy saying this, there is another grim tale that is lurking in the depths of this wars reality. If McCain is not worried about bringing the troops home, I wonder if this is a concern. Judging by the condition of Walter Reed (where I recommended he donate his 58K yearly disability check), I doubt that he cares too much about the soldiers after they come home. After all, he ditched his first wife for a rich blond, why can't these guys?

From NPR,

"Suicides among active-duty soldiers rose to 115 last year, a 13 percent increase over the previous year, say top Army officials. The overall increase in numbers is troubling to Army officials, who are grappling with how to respond. They are offering more training to soldiers, sergeants and chaplains to help them spot the warning signs that a soldier is considering suicide."

Any amount of suicide is too much. It's time we start paying attention to our vets.


John said...

Democrats tend to take the high road in not trashing their opponents, but there is a rich mine of information there on how McCain dumped his first wife, as you pointed out.

Harriet said...

I do not take kindly to dumpers of wives...any of them!

The classic was when Bill Clinton kept chiding the press for not respecting Hillary. One certainmemeber of the press on MSNBC said.. and how did you respect your wife, sir...monica lewisnky...hmmm?

The Morning Clam said...

I did not see that. Excellent point.