Monday, June 02, 2008

The Top is Key!

The ever-changing metric that HRC has been using is finally coming to a close as they foolishly fought over four delegates in Michigan and left Florida alone. That being said, I think that the Democratic party is slowly blowing its only chance in November. They have taken perhaps the easiest chance of winning the White House back in recent history and made it absurdly close.

In retrospect, it's quite simple to see where they have gone wrong. Punishing FL and MI by giving each delegate half a vote is out of the 1787 playbook that counted slaves as 3/5 of a person. Secondly and I am guilty as well, but counting Hillary out of the race as early as they(we) did sent an awful message to the Clinton wing of the party. The Dem party again strayed from its moral working class roots and started dancing with the elites that took over the party in the 1960s.

There is one option: Unity ticket. Hillary has to be on that ticket and if the Dems want a sure win then...(deep breath)...Hillary must be at the top.

I know it's awful to hear and it hurts me to say it because I know Obama would be the better President, Hillary's supporters will not vote for Obama on the top. They will stay home and hope for McCain to win, so HRC can run in 2012. They will sabotage Obama.

This could not be worse for the world. Yet again, we will show everybody just how short our memory is and what really is important to us.


Sid said...

I usually agree with you 100%, but I have to say that I completely disagree with this. First of all, I think that a joint ticket will be impossible to beat no matter who is on top. However, I don't think it is necessary for Obama to win. I don't buy these polls that say a majority of Clinton voters will not back Obama. While this may be true for some on both sides, the majority of Democrats are going to vote for whoever the nominee is. There was a time where I may have said I would not vote for Hillary, but if it came down to it, I know what is best for the country. I refuse to believe that a majority of Clinton supporters are just supporting her because she is a woman. While this may be one reason, I think most supporters support her because they agree with her on the issues. This being the case, I highly doubt these supporters will vote for McCain or stay home. They know what is at stake in this election. Once she quits and we know who our nominee is, the party will come together and that includes the majority of Clinton supporters. Once the media starts focusing on the general election, the country will realize that we do not need 4 more years of the same. Also, there are plenty of people out there who still don't really know much about Obama. I said this last Feb when he announced he was running. If he gets his message across, he will win. His message, at a basic level, is the need for change. This will win him the election. Remember, this is the guy who took down a Clinton! I don't think you can "misunderestimate" him. Trust me, I don't have much faith in the Democratic Party winning elections either, but I do have faith that the American people will not let our country to continue this horrible decline. Although, this philosophy has failed me numerous times in the past so we will see. However, I do have faith in the Obama camp. They spread the right message, they get it across well, and they know how to win elections.

Romeiser said...

"I refuse to believe that a majority of Clinton supporters are just supporting her because she is a woman."

I don't either. I think they support her because she is Hillary, the centerpiece of the Clinton Wing of the party. That wing (dominated by women) won't support Obama because they honestly believe that sexism and misogny were used in making Obama the nominee. They believe they were cheated and it was not fair. I disagree, but they will fight tooth and nail.

"Once the media starts focusing on the general election, the country will realize that we do not need 4 more years of the same."

I fear that once the media starts focusing on the GE, it will be a McCain love fest that focuses on Obama's "white problem" rather than the issues. If it's about the issues than McCain gets eaten and it's a 55-45 blowout.

Post to come...

Sid said...

I see your point, but I still don’t think the majority of Hillary’s supporters feel that way. Sure, you will have some ignorant supporters who will try and say Obama cheated or sexism won him the spot and may indeed switch to McCain or not vote. However, the true supporters will realize that she isn’t much different than Obama (at least in regards to policy) and this whole sexism argument has no basis. I will say though that it is a ridiculous argument. Can you imagine what these same people would say in the event that Clinton won and we tried to blame it on racism? I also agree that the media loves McCain, but I think Obama will continually force the discussion to be about the issues. He has been pretty good about this so far. The media is trying to think of everything they can to bring him down, but he continues to rise above it. I also think McCain has gotten a pass lately since all the focus has been on the Dems. However, I will stick to my MSNBC who seems to be a little better about covering the issues. It will definitely be an interesting election, and who knows, you may prove to be right. I hope not and I am sure you feel the same.