Monday, June 09, 2008

Surprised? -nope

From Americablog,

"...John McCain, who is refusing to vote for the GI Bill for our troops because "it's too generous," is himself getting $58,000 a year, tax-free, from the US government for his military service. Had McCain been getting that amount every year since Vietnam, that would total $2,000,000 for the man who isn't into overgenerous government. I just find that interesting."

So do I. We're paying 58K to a multi-millionaire who voted against the new GI Bill, but we can't pay for our newly disabled vets. The hypocrisy deepens...
"The Republicans decided that the last election should be about whether a Vietnam war hero, who was awarded the Purple Heart, really was injured enough to get those medals."

That's right. Just how injured was St. John?

John McCain should donate that money to Walter Reed and then check into the old soldiers home and rant about kids playing too close to one of his nine houses. No, that's too much. He should just snooze by his atrificial lake on his estate in Sedona like the regular guy that he is.


Harriet said...

He was not career military...why is he getting so much?