Monday, June 09, 2008

Clinton Can Unify

The focus is now all on Obama. Can he win? Who will he pick for his running mate? Will he be able to unify the party? All of these questions are valid and all of them can be answered, as one Kos writer suggests, with one simple strategy: Hillary needs to attack John McCain and she needs to do it hard and often.

She needs to rail into him just she would have if she was the nominee. She needs to hit him on the economy, on national security, on equal rights, on equal pay, on Webb's GI Bill, on every Democratic bill that comes to the Senate floor between now and the end of June. This will serve the Dem party in two ways. Kos claims that this is a solid strategy because McCain will fire back at her and then her supporters will rally behind Obama. That's totally true, but there are a lot of angered Clintonista's out there who might be thinking that voting McCain for be a good way to regain some face after that upset. If she sticks it to McCain on every issue that he is weak on (and the list is long), then her base will realize how bad a McCain presidency would be for the country. This would also calm down the BS sympathy that the GOP is throwing at HRC in an lame attampt to woo some Dems to the dark side.

In closing: Clinton attacks McCain. McCain attacks Clinton. Clintonista's rediscover their political compass. Democrats unite.

It's not the only way, but it's a kick ass way and one that I would love to see.


Harriet said...

Sounds like a respectable plan...let's see if Hillary has it in her.