Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Summer Issue

Just as the hysteria and mess of vigils, protests and public anger continues to garner public support, another story that actually warrants an outcry of public concern is swept under the rug because, apparently, nothing is more important than abusing riot police, I MEAN, protesting the re entrance of guaranteed MCD infested beef to the helpless Korean population.

South Koreans can sleep well knowing that their North Korean brothers and sisters are starving just 30km north of Seoul, but manage to gather the stamina and passion to protest in the streets for over thirty days about beef.

"A 66-year-old fisherman escaped from North Korea 33 years after being kidnapped and is currently under the protection of the South Korean consulate in Shenyang, China, the head of an abductee-related association said Monday."

These stories come out all the time, yet there is never any increased interest or demand from the public to work for the millions in the same situation. And if their is any interest, it peaks with this one story and then is put to rest soon after.
"The abductee was one of the 33 fishermen aboard the boat and the fourth one who has made it home. Ko Myung-sup, 64, Choi Uk-il, 68 and Lee Han-seop, 60, escaped from the North and successfully returned home between 2005 and 2007."

So, there were 29 other people on board that were kidnapped. My question: Will the four who escaped from Kim's gulag fight for the other 29? If they don't, then no one will. No one in Korea will at least and especially when this summers hot political issue is beef and not human life.

I wonder how they would explain themselves to their imprisoned North Korean brethren? They couldn't and they wouldn't.