Monday, June 09, 2008

Awful Waffle

My wife just called me from the office. She has started a new job and has been busy orienting herself to the new gig, office and coworkers. She is very social and has an inviting personality, but when it was time to go to lunch, the workers split into their respective clicks and went to lunch. It was at that time when I received a text message from 고운.

"Damn! The people went 4 lunch N I don't have a group yet, nor do I know where to eat! I'm so hungry!"

I think it would be fair to say that most people have had similar experiences growing up and most of them were probably in the early days of high school. I mention this because I think that Koreans of all ages act very much like they are still in high school; the clicks, the conformity, the inability to be an individual and the of course the jealously, envy and unnatural desire to have what others have and compare your life to others.

While some of these societal traits can be traced back to Korea's Confucius roots, most of this occurs because people are scared to stray from the safety of popular opinion. Their opinions, habits and lifestyles are all as close to identical as possible and that is a little too much like high school.

I do wonder what segments would represent the jock, the nerd, and the popular kid. I think that the English teachers should give every Korean an Awful Waffle and maybe that would snap them out of their safety zone.


Harriet said...

Go will find her niche very quickly!