Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Donate First!

The RNC has a lot more money to spend than the DNC does. Bush is still raising some big bucks for McCain even though he is in the shadows.

The difference is big:

GOP: $85.1 million
Dems: $47.1 million

That means we have to work extra hard and donate to the DNC and Obama again and again. Remember, McCain is taking public finance, illegally used his general election stash as collatreal for a loan and has the nutty 527's just waiting to 'Swift Boat' Obama. We can do it, but then I see this crap from Hillary.

This is not the time for this plea. This is not the time to help her with her own campaign debt while the DNC is trailing the snakes in overall cash. She should be asking people redesignate their general election donation to Hillary over to Obama.

Look, I understand that she needs some help, but her timing is no good. She needs to be making pleas for her supporters to stop hoping for an Obama loss, a 2012 HRC run and start getting them to unite.

Donate to Barack Obama.