Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ankle Update

It's been two and a half weeks since I hurt my ankle and it's still a little tender.

Both 고 and I went back to the acupuncture place recently to get some more "work" done. 고's back has been hurting presumably because of her 12+ hours sitting at work. She got stuck in all sorts of places from her hand to arm and, of course, her back. My ankle was still a little bigger than normal, so they stuck me in the ankle again. However, this time they decided that I needed a little bee poison to get my immune system back into the area.

They "stung" me about four times right in the wound. It wasn't pleasant. Then they put the needles in which really hurt and let me sit on the warm table for about twenty minutes. I was listening to my Ipod. It was called "House of Mirrors". It's a podcast that features this Brit with a wonderfully typical english accent who tells scary stories. This one was about a rich fellow who wanted hair, but his scalp was rejecting all the grafts. Finally, his personal surgeon secretly murdered some homeless men and took their beards which he then grafted to the his client's scalp. The story was good. I was at the point when the rich man was feeling pain on his scalp and as he was reaching up to investigate the pain, I felt an INTENSE pain!

The nurse had started taking out the 13 or so needles and they all seemed to be stuck in my increasingly swelling ankle. Finally, it was over and like last time, within minutes, I could move more freely and without pain. I love it...

I go back tomorrow. It costs 5 bucks.


Anonymous said...

Wow.....glad you are having luck with this treatment. Bee poison?? Hmmmm

Mom said...

That was Mom!