Monday, February 18, 2008

Daily Politics: Odd Thinking

The direction this primary has taken is quite surprising. I never would have foreseen the fracturing that we are seeing today, but it's here and I want to examine a couple things.

The Dems have put forth two amazing politco's of the time and we should be proud that we can boast that it was OUR party that was responsible. However, what's happening in the trenches is a little different. One of my favorite law blogs, Talk Left, has become a safe haven for Clintonians to spew their nonsense and, imo, man hatred. I have read stuff on there that infuriates me and ultimately, makes me dislike Hillary only because they support her. Yet, this kind of feeling is what's wrong.

Reading these pro-Hillary people and the claims they make about Obama and his supporters is sickening. I have noticed 5 trends that they all seem to be repeating these days:

  1. It's wrong for AA people to support Obama. Obviously, if they had any brains (which they don't) then they would be voting Hillary.
  2. There is a difference when women vote for Hillary and when AA's vote for Obama. Woman do it based on merit. AA do it based on race.
  3. Liberal white men ONLY support Obama because they are terrified that if they don't, they will be considered racist.
  4. Men who don't support Hillary are sexist. The misogyny runs so deep that it's just engrained.
  5. If any aspect of female biology is ever mentioned then it is clear you are a closet-sexist.

I'm serious. They hammer these points and they do it in a very clever way that is protected by the cloak of sexism. I used to comment on TL, but not anymore. If I say anything, than I am cast into the misogynous lakes of yesterday and doomed to spend my days with Chris Matthews and Maureen Dowd.

I know the Dems need the woman vote, but this is too much.


Sid said...

I hope you saw Obama's speech tonight which interrupted Hillary's. I think he laid out some pretty good "solutions".

Oncle Jean said...

Loved your last line about the "misogynous lakes" with Chris Matthews and Maureen Dowd. Well said!