Monday, February 25, 2008

Daily Politics: Nader, Clinton and Obama

I turned on CNN today and was shocked to see Ralph Nader on there. I thought for sure that he would be discussing the current race, but as we know, he was announcing his bid for the White House. The guy is 74. All I can say is, who cares?

The political climate was much different in 2000 than it is now. Nader appealed to a generation that has matured and now has hopefully aligned themselves within the two party system. If they have not, I can guarantee that they are much more guarded with who they support and fully understand the impact they had on the past eight years of world history. Technically, Nader was a spoiler in 2000, but we can't forget the average campaign that Gore ran which allowed for Nader to become such an issue. However, the similarites of Hillary's campaign is quite shocking as well. She, like Gore did, is running in the shadow of experience. Both of these candidates accomplishments are worth giving credit, but they were and are running on the public's Bill Clinton high that was much more addicting then than now. The main difference is that Hillary has the women that would vote for her if their hair was on fire.

Nader is a good man and has good ideas, but he simply does not need to be the president. He'd be a great part of an administration, but that's as far as he should go. The question, as it always is these days, is if the MSM gives him any time. They did not give Gravel or Kucinich any time, so I would be shocked if they gave him anything.

There could be a possibilty that some disgruntled Clinton fans might head in his direction so they could still vote, but not for the MAN (as they see it) who stole their chance to shine. I have read some hateful blogs that berade Obama for winning and running an excellent campaign. Let's hope that does not happen.

Nader, thank you for the interest, but not this time.


Mom said...

Just another turn in the interesting road of Election 2008!

I agree....Nader should not cause much of a blip.

Oncle Jean said...

Yes, who does care about Nader? What a massive ego!