Monday, February 18, 2008

Daily Politics: Come Together...RIGHT NOW!!!

Don't start thiking that I'm getting lazy in the posting again. I had a busy weekend and I prefer to be outside and doing stuff, rather than in our apartment. However, it is a Monday and the work week is in full swing. Of course, the wild political landscape did not take the weekend off, so here we are with another Daily Politics post.

I'm noticing a very sad trend. The supporters of both Clinton AND Obama are starting to really HATE each other. When the race wasn't close, but Obama was still gaining, the Clinton supporters seemed to be patting Obama on the back. It was the kind of pat you give your little brother when he does well against you in a pick-up game of basketball, but just couldn't really compete. I'm not saying it was demeaning, but it seems that they were taking his candidacy for granted. Now, he is the "front-runner" of sort. I disagree though. When the underdog team is up in a game that means they're on the way to an upset. It does not mean they somehow assume front-runner status. Clinton fans want to frame it this way (just as Obama did) because of the natural tendenacy to root for the underdog.

Reagardless of useless definitions of the candidates, I'm worried about the fracturing of the Dem party. The Main Stream Media (MSM) has been claiming this for some time now, but they are out of touch with the reality of politics and political opinion. I, however, am in touch with it and just now have I noticed this battle. It is getting rough and is full of sexism, racism and identity politics.

Here's an example. This is from a TL comment board and it not at all rare. This arguement is a result of this comment from Obama.

"I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she's feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal."

- Barack
Obama, February 15, 2008

How was this taken by the Clinton supporters and even some soft-core Obama fans? Like this...

    • "All women "periodically" lash out when their hormones go berserk, i.e., "periodically," and they feel "down," and try to boost their "appeal" by launching attacks (with their claws, of course--because really, women are savage, mindless animals). So how the hell can a woman be President of the U.S., and how can we trust a woman with that nuclear (or in Bush parlance, nuclur) button, with all these periodic malfunctions??????"

    • "I know it too well. The subtle, implied, code language.
      He knows exactly what he is doing. He keeps it up and he will completely turn me off, good of the party be damned. "

    • "I cannot vote for this man should he become the nominee. Up until this point, I was still planning on voting for him if Hillary isn't our president. But I'm finished with that now. That did it. I will not vote for this man. I will write in Hillary Clinton."

    • "Right - and the patronizing language, the patronizing and demeaning way that he
      said it. Like he's the man with the cool head who has to understand when
      women have their periodic meltdowns. Disgusting."

These are the cleaner ones that I found. This is very troubling to me. They will not vote for him. They are going to contribute to a GOP soldification of America for this kind of stuff.

So, what does this mean?

The feminist bloc of the Dem party have their mind set to vote ONLY for Hillary. They do not care about anything, but finally having a woman in the WH. As in many cases, these types of feminists will take any language and dig and find something that is some sort of an "attack" on women. The women above are a minority in my opinion, but this type of discourse is horrible for the Dems and it seems selfish to me. If this meme gets any press (it won't from the MSM, but grassroots can have an effect), it will be the end for the Dems GE hopes. The fact that Obama could be labeled a "sexist" is laughable, but the feeling is out there and needs to be dealt with. This bloc claims that Obama is using race and every dirty trick in the book, yet they are the ones who will refuse to vote for a man.

I know this post was all over the place, but the Dems HAVE to get together, dust off and move on after this HORRIBLE primary season is over. It's time to come together...


Oncle Jean said...

I worry about this, too. It could split us. Maybe worse than what the Republicans are concerned about for their own party, because it is so personal.