Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daily Politics: Hill's Five-Step Recovery

Team Hillary (TH) has announced a new five-step recovery plan that is supposed to give her the bounce to win the nomination. Here are the details.

1. "Recapture "Hillary voters," starting in Wisconsin."

The Feb. 19 Wisconsin primary, which, like most of their potential losses, TH has downplayed, could provide her with a chance to regain her footing with blue-collar whites and women in Milwaukee and its suburbs.
I don't think she can win these votes back though. She is now planning on stumping around for three days instead of her original plan which was to settle down in TX and OH. She's going to lash out at Obama and try to pander to the poor voters their by discussing the economy.

2. "She has to win Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania."

If Obama wins even one, TH should be using that primary-night speech as a chance for a graceful concession. Remember, she needs to win BIG. And by BIG I mean close to 20 points. The delegate count should favor Obama either way. He'll win the big cities. TH believes she has a very strong advantage in Texas because of the Hispanics. From what I've read though, Texas Hispanics are less likely to vote than their western brethren. She also needs to dominate PA and OH. Most have her comfortably ahead in PA, but remember the tides are changing and the cities tend to favor Obama. Ohio is going to be close. Obama is expected to perform very strongly in Cleveland's big AA community and in Columbus where student and young professionals rule the land. Clinton is looking for Cincy (Not from the Culpeppers though!) and the rest of the hick-towns.

3. "Keep the SuperDelegates on board."

She is still ahead (242-156), but if she does not seal up the popular vote (Obama leads) and/or the delegate count (Obama leads), then they will have no choice but to defect. The AA SD's who supported Clinton are already facing the firing squad, so they will probably be the first to go. I wish I could hear that call to Hillary. Maybe like this?

"Sorry Hillary, but I have to support Barack and unite the party. Why? Well, because winning the White House is very important for the country and the world. No...wait...please don't cry, Hillary. I know, I know, I think he cheated too, but what can we do? I'm sorry. Okay, I'll join your 'I Hate Obama' club. We can still be friends, right?"

That's just what would happen...

4. "Go Negative, but carefully."

There will be an ad in Wisconsin railing into him for refusing to debate her. I think he was smart not to do this before WI.

5. "Sweat the Small Stuff."

After Iowa and other small state losses, Clinton gave up in those races and Obama won them. Now, she's decided to open offices in Wyoming, Montana, Kentucky, Mississippi and even Puerto Rico. I think it's too litte, too late. Obama should carry most of those states.

I think she needed to be doing this stuff all along. Obama really has run a fantastic campaign. He played by the rules, identified his weaknesses and strengths and just surprised the nation. Hillary went into this with her inauguration in mind. That's the issue.

She's also trying to get the youth vote, but there something that just doesn't work when a 60 year old baby-boomer tries to appeal to the youth of today.

This is her official Youtube video.

Yeah, next time you want to appeal to today's youth don't use an average 1970 American Bandstand song. And the lyrics had to be written by someone close to her age or by a high-school student.


Oncle Jean said...

Loved the remark about Cinci and the "rest of the hick towns" in Ohio. I am sure Kristin and Trey will take exception to that, but you're probably right. I do hope they get out and vote for the guy.

Also, I am just a year younger thant HC (an older boomer), and I just don't get it with her. I don't dislike her. It's just that nothing really resonates. I think the rest of the Democratic and Independent voting public is beginning to feel the same.

Mom said...

That video was terrible.

Heard this a.m. that 3-4 of the previous Hillary Super Delegates have already moved to the Obama camp. Then John Lewis in GA? He might be next.