Friday, February 22, 2008

Daily Politics: Hillary's Alamo?

Doubt it. Hillary usually does well in debates and we should expect that she will come out punching and ready to destroy Obama (and herself) for the GE. Still, I'm so confident that the Dems will walk all over the aging senator in the GE that even if they really lay it on, it still won't matter.

What to expect:

Hillary will not be able to use her new "empty speeches" theme tonight because he will be there and that hurts her. However, she is viewed as an underdog, so many of the liberal blogs will give her the win regardless. She will focus on debunking Obama's NAFTA claim while championing her basically identical policies. She will be smug and she will try to be inspirational.

Obama will treat this like he did in his WI victory speech. He will address every claim against him and try to clear himself in a very orderly fashion. He is also a great debator, so don't expect him to lose any ground. What he does need to do is lay on some policy. Hillary is a policy wonk. She knows her stuff and she is ready to flaunt it. He needs to jump in there too and specifically needs to play up his Immigration Policy which I think is his strength.

In the end, it's all about the moderators. I don't know who is moderating, but I hope they ask policy questions, not campaign questions.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! HA!

Who else would watch a debate from Hawaii? Maybe you, George.

I found it very good and our man did a fine job.

Anonymous said...

That was Mom......I could not get the other options to work!

Oncle Jean said...

HC as an "aging" senator -- I "resemble" that remark except the senator part. She is one year older than I!

Romeiser said...

I was referring to McCain. I would use another adjective for her.