Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Image of the Week

The week started off on a bad note in Korea as 숭례문 or Sungnyemun burned down late Sunday evening. This is a major blow for Koreans and their tangible culture. I've obviously been there and driven by it dozens of times and it was quite a sight.

It is suspected that an arsonist had it out for the inanimate object that so many in this country revere. While conspiracy theories started immediately, i.e., right-wing Japanese terrorists, a 70 year old Korean man stepped forward and admitted the crime. This man apparently had problems with authorities over eviction compensation for his home and set fire to another palace in 2006. He was still under probation.

It's a sad sight, especially since it had been standing for over 600 years...


Mom said...

So tragic. Crazy people out there.