Monday, February 11, 2008

Missed It

I've been on vacation this past week, so no posts. However, let's get right back into it...

Obama's big wins these past few days have given him a lot of momentum. However, simply praising his wins would not be fun to write about. I have a few thoughts about what's to come...

  • We need to watch Hillary and her attempts to seat FL and MI.

I don't think that the delegates will be that split to warrant that attempt, but I know that the Hillary supporters will push for this and this brings me to my next point.

  • Hillary supporters on all the pro-Hill blogs are claiming that Obama is not winning "properly"

They claim this because he wins a lot of caucuses where Hillary wins close to none of them. They like to say that she has one all the primaries. This is a lie of course, but the underlying theme is clear: They can not and apparently will not accept a Hillary loss. Why? Well, I think that the Dems have been so badly burnt in the last two elections (FL and OH) that their first reaction is to claim that the opposing force, be it a Dem or Repub, was dishonest. This is so bad for us Dems. Obama has won a lot and has done is within the rules of the DNC. How is that not a fair win? What would they claim if the tables were turned?

  • Both Clinton and Obama should ignore GE polls

I'm worried that they both will jump on this electability wagon and if the polls change, it will be too late to reduce its significance. I think they can both beat McCain and Obama could do it more soundly than Hillary.

  • Obama should not change his campaign mantra once he is thrusted into front-runner position.

As she has done, Hillary will adapt to his tactics and do it well. We can't forget how string she is and how equally loyal her base is.

It's looking up for the Obama campaign, but how high is yet to be determined. He needs to keep it up, stay away from debates and continue knockin' em dead...


Mom said...

Good to hear from you again on the Blog!

Alwyas like to hear your take on things.

oncle Jean said...

Totally with you on this, George.