Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clark on "Face the Nation": Dead On!

A commentor posted this on my the previous post,

"I was actually watching Face the Nation when Bob (Slimebag) Schieffer bated Wes Clark with the question, almost taunting him, along the lines of "how can you say that John McCain is not more experienced" (Jimmie Hendrix was "Experienced" also) because of his military/POW service/confinement. Wes Clark replied with great aplomb and equanimity that flying in a jet, being shot down, and being a POW is not a requirement to be a good president. Again, context is all, and if folks had just heard the line of questioning leading up to that fair response, they would not be beside themselves, and that includes Barack Obama!"

I had not been able to find the clip up until today and the previously available text just didn't suffice, but after watching the entirity of the interview or at least the segment in question, I am shocked by how little Schieffer understands his role as a journalist and how the much St. McCain still is the media darling. The media has blindly accpeted the McCain camps flawed interpretation of this interview to create contravesy where there is none.

Here you go. I title it, "Barack Obama is more ready to be President than Barack Obama." You'll see why.

Again, Obama would be so foolish not to ask Clark to be his VP. Obama often claims that he has superior judgement, well, here's his test.