Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Obama leaning towards Clinton?

The Media seems to think that this could perhaps be suggesting that Obama is leaning towards Clinton as his running mate. I would be fine with that as I think that the Media might have burnt any chance Wes Clark had by inaccurately reporting his comments about McCain.

"Barack Obama stoked vice presidential speculation Wednesday with an unannounced stop at the Washington law firm of a search team member and then a flight to New York fundraisers with potential pick Hillary Rodham Clinton and a second vetter. I'm not going to tell you" any details, the smiling likely Democratic nominee told reporters after spending more than two hours inside a downtown Washington office building where attorney Eric Holder, a member of his vice presidential search committee, has offices."
The Media narrative now is that Obama is moving to the center. He is. The Media is, of course, ignoring the fact that every single nominee moves to the center after a very partisan primary. Don't be fooled. Regardless of the truth, in politics perception is everything and oftentimes supercedes the truth. Today Obama voted for immunity for the telecom companies on the wiretapping vote which is under FISA. I am upset that he did this, but he is being caustious so as not to be branded "soft on terrorism". Again, I'm pretty upset with him over this, but it is in no way a deal breaker for me, nor should it be for any Dem. Luckily, Hillary voted against it along with 28 other Senators. This vote will hurt him a little, but he is banking on the fact that the liberal voting bloc will support him way before jumping to McCain. He's probably right, but it's a risk.

If he throws Hillary on the ticket, it will balance it out enough to appease the voters. But more than that, she will keep him on a more liberal track. He might need this while getting settled in the White House.

My question: Is Obama is waiting to reveal his VP choice later in the summer so that he can get a bounce AFTER the GOP and the Media has used up a lot of their ammo? OR is he waiting to see what the ammo is and then pick accordingly?


Harriet said...

I think it is all playing out at the same time...the ammo and the selection process. I bet on any given day another candidate rises to the top, depending on what is happening in the world/USA.