Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama Makes Some Calculated Space FOR Clark

Yesterday, Wes Clark said that McCain's military service does not qualify him to be the president. I agreed with the statement and I was thrilled to see an Obama surrogate go after McCain and his bogus claims.

Today, Obama rejected that statement. I thought his reasoning on this was totally flawed. Why would he reject such a great comment from a real military leader like Clark? Well, there are a few reasons.

1) Obama is about to make his big speech on patriotism and in that speech he talks says "I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign. And I will not stand idly by when I hear others question mine". If he didn't put a little space between them, then it could appear somewhat contradictory.

2) Wes Clark is a smart guy. He knows what he said and he will defend his comment on Andrea Mitchell just fine. Obama knew this, talked to Clark about this and he is in no way throwing Clark under the bus. By putting distance, the Media has lost their narrative and can't smear Obama here. Having a smart and qualified attack dog like this is perfect. He made the space and now Clark can continue without being labelled unpatriotic or hurting Obama.

3) The Obama camp does want to start bringing up McCain's record in his campaign. McCain does it enough since his entire campaign is based on the fact that he was a POW. Obama knows that in order to win, YOU must make the story. YOU have to take it away from the GOP and set the tone. The Dems have lost too many times because they have been on the defense from the onslaught on the Right.

My Question: Will Obama realize how much of an asset Clark will be on the campaign trail or will he play it safe and find someone less abrasive?
And if he doesn't choose Clark as the VP, does that suggest that the Sec. of Defense position in his?


John B. Romeiser said...

I was actually watching Face the Nation when Bob (Slimebag) Schieffer bated Wes Clark with the question, almost taunting him, along the lines of "how can you say that John McCain is not more experienced" (Jimmie Hendrix was "Experienced" also) because of his military/POW service/confinement. Wes Clark replied with great aplomb and equanimity that flying in a jet, being shot down, and being a POW is not a requirement to be a good president. Again, context is all, and if folks had just heard the line of questioning leading up to that fair response, they would not be beside themselves, and that includes Barack Obama!