Sunday, July 06, 2008

Photohunt: "Peace" in Iraq

This week's Photohunt features what is likely more to come propaganda-esque images out of Iraq. This one is showing how great Iraq must be because there is one child in the pool. I have looked at the entire album on CNN and there are more armed US GI's than children. I think I counted three children total to over nine soldiers. It's great that there is pool, but these images are serving political purposes. A heavily gaurded and essentailly empty swimming pool does not equate to much.

Can you spot the edit?
Here is the original.

And here is the edited one.

Rules: You must clearly identify what I edited. It could be color, size, add-ons or anything, but it will only be one edit. I will keep a published tally and after six months, I will buy the winner a book of their choice or donate $25 bucks to the DNC. Also, please do not post as Anonymous. I can't reward your eye if I don't know who you are.
Running Tally:
Sid - 1


Anonymous said...

The gun looks shortened in both of them.

The Morning Clam said...

The top one is the original. I only edited the bottom image and it was not the gun. Good guess though!

Remember, you can win if you post under a name, rather than anonymous.

Sid said...

the yellow can is missing the label.

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

The lower photo has more light and less shadow.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

The Morning Clam said...

Sid wins again. It was the yellow trashcan, however, it appears that there was a light difference as well that I might have mistakenly edited, so I must reward both of you.


Sid - 2

Korea Beat - 1

Jeffery Hodges - 1

Micah said...

Are you buying people books?

The Morning Clam said...

Yep! After six months, whoever has the highest number of correct guesses gets a book of their choice. OR I will donate 25 bucks to the DNC.

You should play. It's every Sunday night.

Rmeis said...

I missed it!