Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama in Berlin

Obama gave an excellent speech in Berlin that brings to mind Kennedy and Reagan. The loud cheers of USA! USA! from the German crowd made me feel great and offered perhaps a glipse of what Obama would do to improve America's image abroad. Maybe the world can forgive us for Bush. Maybe. McCain tried to take a swipe at Obama, but it just doesn't seem to be making much of an impact. In a pitiful attempt at competing for media time McCain went to three US city's named Berlin, falsely announced his VP choice twice and decided to eat in a German restaurant. Weak. McCain did say that he "wished he got to go on a trip abroad". He has many times and no one cared. The best for McCain to do would have been to lay low this week, not whine and give the Media another reason to label him. Too bad.

Here are some images of the event.

The line I loved the most "I am coming to you not as a presidential candidate, but as a citizen of the world" will probably get him the most heat. Incredible to those of us who realize that there is a world that we have to work with beyond our borders.

And McCain went to a grocery store.


Micah said...
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Micah said...

McCain should have picked a better-named place then "Fudge Haus", like "Der Fudge Haus" or "Ich Bin Ein Fudge Haus".

Speaking of which, is that Der George in the second picture, leaning on the flag?

The Morning Clam said...

Wow. That really does look like me. Well, I am a Romeiser.