Friday, July 25, 2008

Constant Contradictions

I prefer Constant Cravings, but this is from Open Left:

McCain's attacks against Obama have become so regularly contradictory, at this point we should probably hold a contest to determine which is your favorite. Here are three good ones from the last ten days alone:

Seventeen days after taking a trip abroad to Columbia and Mexico, five weeks after giving a paid campaign speech in Canada, and two months after criticizing Obama for not going to Iraq, the McCain campaign criticizes Obama for taking a trip abroad that includes a stop in Iraq.

Eleven days after holding a press conference to claim that Obama is a serial flip-flopper, McCain argues that Obama is the most extremist member of the Senate.

Five days after releasing a documentary criticizing Obama for flip-flopping on Iraq, the McCain campaign argues that Obama is too inflexible on Iraq.

After spending April and May calling Obama an elitist, they spent June and July calling him "typical."
So hard to choose. I kind of like all the attacks, because they successfully make Obama appear to be all things to all people. Is Obama too elite or too typical? Is he too stubborn or too flexible? Is he too extreme or too moderate? Does he engage the rest of the world too much or too little? Like the McCain campaign, I say, take your pick. Obama can be whoever you want him to be, and so he should appeal to all types.

Maybe that isn't what the McCain campaign is arguing, but it is so hard to tell that it is anyone's guess. The biggest flip-flops in this campaign are the attacks that McCain makes.