Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain is a Whiner

It's been a pretty busy political day, so I think I'll give you a more brief breakdown today. I'm pretty busy these days with my move and am growing tired of writing how much McCain flips on every issue and then does the Bushco denial.

I'll let others do the work for me today.

First Headline: McCain Says Obama Wants to Lose in Iraq

McCain came out with that particulary tacky remark today.

"It seems to me that Senator Obama would rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign."

Vets are not happy.

As a veteran of a fifteen-month combat tour in Iraq at the height of the surge, it is incredibly offensive to see John McCain make off color remarks about Senator Obama's view on Iraq, claiming he "wants to lose" there. By bolstering his political rhetoric, he forgets that many veterans of the war in Iraq would like to see a reallocation of forces to Afghanistan to combat genuine threats to our national security. Would John McCain be so cavalier to say that I want to lose in Iraq, a place where many of my friends left their lives and limbs?

Alex Horton
Austin, TX
Iraq veteran

Senator McCain's comments represent the radical anti-troop, anti-veteran rhetoric his campaign has become known for. I went to combat, and I saw first-hand the damage the failed policies of George W. Bush and John McCain have caused to our American troops. I wonder if this eye-witness knowledge means that I want to lose as well.

Richard Smith
Huntsville, AL
Afghanistan veteran

For more, check out Vet Voice

Second Headline: Chris Matthews Asks Voters to Vote for Obama

Well, he actually said "open your hearts" and "don't think about race".

Here's the video link.

Third Headline: McCain Continues to Copy Obama

From Kos,

"In fact, confused McCain surrogate Heather Wilson in a conference call seemed to claim her man might do Obama even better, bringing the troops home in less than 16 months--but she back-pedaled a bit on that later in the call, with McCain foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann returning to serious vagueness under eager questioning.

But as we all know, when Obama says it, he's wrong, McCain is right, and hey, look over there, gas prices are high because of Obama and please ignore the fact that I'm making shit up!

And now rumors are starting that Obama's tour of the war region is so chewing up media attention that the McCain campaign is flirting with the idea of naming its vice presidential choice this week in order to steal some of Obama's thunder. (The best commentary spotted thus far on McCain VP choices has got to be Josh Marshall's observation about Fred Thompson: "But a combined age of 140 during the first year of office is probably unconstitutional.")

Guess that taunting of Obama for not visiting Iraq isn't quite working out as expected, eh? Of all the observers of Obama's tour thus far, few capture the blockheadedness of the McCain camp's urging the Democratic presidential candidate's taking of this trip quite as well as Dave Weigel at Reason:"

Dave Weigel from Reason:

I don't see any of this redounding to the benefit of John McCain. McCain's goading Obama to make this trip stands tall and proud as one of the dumbest blunders of the campaign. He couldn't have helped the Democrat more if he'd challenged him to a slam dunk contest.

Another day. Another resounding win for Obama and another pitiful loss for McCain.

My question: There are reports that St. McCain is whining about Obama getting more coverage than he is from the media and that he will announce his VP choice this week. Do you think that this will distract from Obama's super high-profile world tour? I don't AT ALL!