Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Right-Wing and The New Yorker

From what I can gather, it is bad to be a Muslim. In fact, it's the worst thing. In my previous post, I gathered some right-wing takes on the New Yorker article and it seems like the focus was one thing: Obama is a lying Muslim and being a Muslim is horrible.

It want to bring those back.

"For those who either can not read or care not to read, I refer you to the Koran and Shari'a. Of course Obama is a Muslim. The faith passes from father to son and the literature clearly says any person converting to another religion is an apostate to Islam and is subject to DEATH.You can not leave the Muslim faith without exposing yourself to retribution. And where do you think he went to school, a madrasa where Jews are pigs and Christians are traitors to the book. He obviously "converted" to Christ to enter politics. I seriously question his beliefs. Would it not be the heighth of insanity as we die in Irag and swear to protect Israel to elect a closet Muslim. America you are signing your own death warrent due to your ignorance. This cover may be more factual than we want to admit."

The factual errors are laughable, but let's look past that. This guys very literal acceptance of the Koran in this specific case makes Obama a Muslim. Let's accept this as is and ignore the fact that people can make choices. I would be very surprised if this guy disagreed that people should be free to practice religion as those choose, but that's not the issue. So, I can only assume that this guy distrusts all Muslims and thinks that the entire religion is out to get America.

"Hussein Obama was born a Muslim. The child of a Muslim man, at birth is a Muslim. The child of a Jewish woman, at birth, is a Jew. Barack is Lying to America when he said he has never been a Muslim! "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski!" Bill Clinton "I did not inhale!" Bill Clinton "I did not swallow!" Monica Lewinski "I have never been a Muslim!" Barack Hussein Obama."

Again, the issue here is utter distrust of Muslims. They can not prove that Obama was at any point a Muslim, so they throw in all this extra stuff to pad their comments. This guy also hates Dems. At what point did it become awful to be a Muslim? I can't deny that I knew that a lot of people (Americans) hated ALL MUSLIMS because of 911, but this is an attempt to go out of ones way to show distaste for the religion while forcing oneself to believe that Obama is a Muslim. We have seen countless pundits, scholars, politicians and activists time and time again attempt to plea to people to make the distinction between what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and what the moderates of the religion practice.

So, I guess...my question: Has this war and its subsequent increase in racial tension really turned a possibly large segment of Americans into openly and publicly demonstrative racists?

Is this what we have come to?


Sid said...

Didn't Obama's dad convert to Christianity before Obama was born? I just don’t understand why people continue to claim that Obama is a Muslim. Besides being extremely offensive and racist, there is absolutely no evidence that Obama is a Muslim. He has been a Christian for years and there is no evidence to the contrary. Who are these people to question his beliefs? Even if he was once a practicing Muslim, which obviously he wasn't, what does that matter? I was once a practicing Christian but not anymore. Does that mean that I am a closet Christian? Do people really think this is some huge conspiracy and that as soon as he gets elected Muslim extremists are going to rule the world?

“America you are signing your own death warrent due to your ignorance.”

First of all, he/she needs to learn how to spell “warrant”. Then, he/she needs to look up the definition of the word ignorance which should have his/her picture attached. Ignorance like this disgusts me!