Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama's Time to Pounce on McCain

Now that Iraq wants the US out, I guess we can start watching the McCain campaign get very squeamish as this is in direct conflict with the Korea-style occupation that both Bush and McCain envisioned. I saw the McCain shill group "Vets for Freedom" on Hardball claiming that this is a victory for McCain and it has only happened because the surge worked, which was solely his idea.

I think that McCain may be setting up a fall campaign strategy of adopting more or less Obama's position on Iraq, but with a different tone. He will be claiming that his withdrawal is based on "victory" through the surge, while Obama's withdrawal is based on "surrender". Essentially, he will be blurring the lines of their respective Iraq policy. I'm certain that the majority of the media will go with McCain's narrative. That may be why McCain's people pressed the media on Obama's Iraq statements so hard, because they are planning to sell "pulling out troops based on victory, which may be as early as a couple years," while condemning Obama for a "hardline 16 month withdrawal based on defeat". Obama's statement on refinement of the timetable is cutting into their coming Iraq shift.

This is a key time for Obama to pounce on McCain's judgement. He can really make him look like an out-of-touch Domino Effect leader that doesn't get how the world works now. The timing for Obama's Iraq trip is perfect as well.

My question: If Obama pounces first, will the media go with his narrative like they did with McCain's on Obama's Iraq policy or will they play defense for McCain? You know what I think.