Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SC Debate and Beyond

This debate was much more lively than I had expected. Rather than discussing the specifics of the debate and subject-matter, I'd like to mention why this whole thing needs to slow down.

First of all, this is not November. Let's stop the mud-slinging and show some solidarity. The real issues that they are debating are great. They are really hitting some core Dem values, i.e., criminal justice reform, health care reform, ending the Iraq Debacle, the economy, etc. The problem is that this is the time when they should be firing up their base and bringing all of these issues to the surface for the entire electorate. They can easily put to rest the "Dems stand for nothing" myth and start swaying the rest of the country to join in the movement. Instead, they (Obama and Clinton especially) are arguing over little things that hurt the whole party.

Secondly, Bill needs to give it rest. Of course he should campaign for his wife, but he is taking too many swipes at Obama and that brings out the worst in both the Obama and Clinton campaigns.

And finally, I think that the voters need to keep in mind that two of these three candidates will probably be nominated for the Pres and VP position. I'm not going to get into who should be in what position yet, however, let's not discount ANY of these guys.

In closing, the GOP should be very easy to defeat in November if the Dems stay above the fray, shoot straight and highlight why we are Dems.

We stand for that which makes this nation great. Show us the way!

By the way, Edwards won this debate. He knows how to navigate his way around the other two and deliver a clear and concise message. Obama and Hillary did well, too. Again, I think Obama debated the best and Hillary outlined her policies the clearest.

These three guys are the best debaters we have seen in ages and we are all lucky to have such wonderful candidates. They all have amazing hearts, minds and the drive it takes to bring it home. We really are quite lucky. I just hope after this process is over, the three of them can dust off, shake hands and get to work for the country.


Mom said...

That was a particularly nasty debate last night!

I hate to see the swipes and junior high tactics.

Let us hope for higher standards in the future.

Oncle Jean said...

"You can trust a liberal to be a liberal."

--Ann Coulter

Just kidding. Inside joke with Kristin concerning something I found in my guest bedroom in Cinci (no short sheeting, but that would have been better).