Monday, January 28, 2008

Sneaky HRC

I'm not totally caught up on this whole thing yet, but from what I can understand, HRC is trying to challenge the DNC rules and somehow get MI and FL delegates seated. How can she do this? The only reason that Obama and Edwards didn't compete in these races is because they were following the DNC rules. Why should Hillary be rewarded with those delegates when she is the one who broke the rules and strayed from the DNC's ruling?

She is a slimy woman. She trying to downplay her HUGE loss in SC by changing the dialogue to Florida. If the DNC allows her to seat even one of those "illegal" delegates, I will be so disappointed in our party's leadership. Florida is just a disastrous place for Dems and now Clinton is joining in on the shady fun.

Luckily, Florida can deal a serious blow to McCain if ol' Mittster keeps climbing the ladder! Keep it up, Romney!


Oncle Jean said...

Couldn't agree more. And I do think Romney will beat McCain.

Mom said...

I hope HRC will not get away with that....way too sneaky for the White House!