Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Past Campaigns: 1952

I thought that this would be a fun break from the presently heated campaign underway and I would take you back as far as I can find. I'm not going to get into much of the history surrounding the clips or elections outside of providing a link for you.

We'll start with the first one I could find ads for, the 1952 election. I know that only two or three of you were alive at this point, but I think it's great.

This is for Ike.

And this is for his Democratic rival, Adlai Stevenson.

Did you like the name play they did on Stevenson, "Man-you-can-believe-in, son" and "Civilians' son". I loved it! I am a staunch Democrat, but I'm not sure who I would have voted for based solely on the ads. I think Ike had a catchier jingle, but Stevenson really tried to make his name rhyme. Classic!

Here's out that played out. Solid South!

Still, I would have gone for Stevenson. Would you?


Mom said...

Well, I was not around in 1952...but oncle Jean....the Stevenson song was our song...."oh, stupid John..." Remember??

Funny ads!! I might prefer those days!


Oncle Jean said...

OK, first of all the Stevenson song was to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree" also known as "Oh Stupid Gee" with the second line being "How ugly are your branches."

Just wanted to set the record straight on that. I know, because I was around in 1952, although only 4.

I think Stevenson would have been a great president. He was very smart and a great public servant. He would also have spent a lot more time working for the country and less time on the golf course, unlike Ike.