Friday, January 04, 2008

Interactive caucusing

Wolf Blitzer took over, so I feel a little better. I'm going to be watching this all morning, so I'll give you my minute by minute reactions and feelings. I'm going to only cover the Dems...

10:00am The rules are being read to the Dems and the best ways to cheat are being read to Repubs.

10:10am The entrance polls are showing a close race between Obama and Hillary with Edwards closely trailing. Huckabee and Romney are close to.

10:15am Record numbers in Des Moines. I hope the young voters are in there

*** I just found out the a registered Repub can caucus with the Dems if they change their alignment prior to entering the room and then the following day they can change back to a Repub. That is not right. ***

10:25am 2% of precincts in and Edwards 42%, Clinton 35%, Obama 25%. It's only two precent.

10:30am 5% reporting. 31% Clinton. 29% Obama. 22% Edwards. Record number of first-time caucusers.

10:35am 10% reporting. 34% Edwards, 32% Clinton, 31% Obama. . Pick it up Obama!!

*** I'm feeling good still. Obama is doing fine and most of the reporting precincts are hick towns...***

10:45am 17% reporting. Still, 34% Edwards, 32% Clinton, 31% Obama. I'm getting the nervous election feeling.

10:50am 23% reporting. 33% Edwards, 32% Obama, Clinton 32%, Richardson 2%. Here we go!!!

*** A record number of young caucusers participating and 5:1 are voting Obama. Huchabee seems to be winning, with Romney, ***

10:57am Huckabee projected to win Iowa caucus!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

*** This is great! This guy will be the easiest of all of them to beat! This is a huge setback for Romney. McCain has coast of this for a while. ***

11:00am 37% reporting. 34% Obama, 32% Edwards, 32% Clinton. That's right! He's on FIRE!!!!

11:10am 57% reporting. 34% Obama, 32% Edwards, 31% Clinton, 2% Richardson. I'm so nervous!

*** Over half reporting. I'm liking the results. ***

11:15am 59% reporting. 35% Obama, 31% Edwards, 31% Clinton, 2% Richardson. This is great!

11:20am 66% reporting. 35% Obama, 31% Edwards, 31% Clinton.

*** Obama seems to be winning the majority of the counties and some that Edwards carried in 2004. Obama has Des Moines and Polk county where University of Iowa is. ***

11:25am 69% reoprting. 35% Obama, 31% Edwards, 31% Clinton. .

*** I know that 31% still needs to come in, but I'm feeling good. Obama is doing it. People want something different and fresh.

11:30am MSNBC projects that Obama wins Iowa. I'll wait for CNN International to project something. That sounds good to me!!!!

11:33am CNN projects that Obama wins Iowa!!!

11:35am 75% reporting. 35% Obama, 31% Edwards, 31% Clinton..

*** Edwards is finished. Hillary is in a little trouble now. Not because she lost Iowa, but because he's a black man that won white Iowa. Awesome. Can I feel the wind of change? ***

11:35am 84% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards. .

11:45am 86% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards..

11:50am 89% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards..

11:50am 91% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards..

*** I really hope Clinton places third. And if I hear he refered to as the "Comeback Kid" one more time I'll scream. She lost the woman vote. Give it a rest, talking heads. ***

12:10pm 94% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards.. Not much change, but I really want Edwards to pull ahead.

*** The canidates are getting ready to talk.***

Edwards first:

Main points:

* Status quo lost and change won.

* You can't buy votes in Iowa.

* I'll fight the corporations.

* Sad poverty, homeless, healthcare stories and a push for reform.

* It's not over!!!

It was a very typical Edwards speech. His voice cracked though. It was funny. Still, it was the same speech I heard in Knoxville in 2004. He does inspire people and I think he'd be a great VP.

12:20pm 96% reporting. 37% Obama, 30% Clinton, 30% Edwards..

12:20pm 97% reporting. 38% Obama, 31% Edwards, 30% Clinton, Richardson 2%.. Booyah!!!

Hillary's turn...

Main points:

* Warm welcome from the crowd. Albright and Bill behing her..

* Hillary continues ripping off Obama's theme of change. Get real.

* Plays up her experience and get's "Hillary! Hillary" chants.

* Takes a jab at Liberman and his independancy.

* Reclaim the nation for our children bit.

* "Ready to lead" theme is her thing.

* Engergy, healthcare, global warming, education, military and war speech.

* Ends with thanks and "I want to be your Champion" (really just a plug for her book, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.")

It was a crowd pleasing speech, but just as dull and empty as ever. I'm not sure why people go wild for her.

12:40pm Chris Dodd just dropped out of the race after a very poor showing in Iowa. Too bad, too. I hope he endorses Obama.

Here's Huckabee:

Exact quote, "I from Hope, Arkansas in case you forgot. Look at Chuck Norris. These are my kids, John-Mark, David and Sarah. I wanted four biblical names, but only had three kids. So I made named this guy John-Mark. He's what we Baptists call a "super-Christian". I'm so pleased that all of you average, I mean ordinary, people voted for me. I have the conviction to be a great president. This isn't about me though. It's about the people, the white people -the deserving people. The ruling people. Our creator gave us inalienable rights, like having me as president. Thanks and God Bless me!"

* Crowd went wild for Chuck Norris, the bible and weight-loss...

Obama Time:

He walks in with his family and is greeted by a wild crowd.

Main Points:

"They said this day would never come. You have done what the cynics said couldn't be done. You have done what America can do in this new year! You came together to stand up and say our time for change has come! We are choosing hope over fear! Change is coming to America!"

The chants for Obama were soooo loud. It was amazing!


Sid said...

Go Obama!!!

Sid said...

I still can't believe Huckabee actually pulled it off. I mean, really? What the hell is wrong with people?

Rodge said...

people are absolutely retarded...i mean mike huckabee what does he stand for besides "jesus"??