Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Limp

There really is nothing cool about a limp. Many people try to make it work (inner-city kids, pirates and Dr. House) and none of the do it well. I am one of those people. Of course, I am not trying to be slick looking, rather I am trying to get from point A to B.

I went back to the doctor on Monday. After waiting for too long and beginning to get in the "they're-ignoring-me-because-I'm-a-foreigner" mode, they brought me back. It was a different doctor than I saw last time, but honestly the booze impaired my memory that night, so who knows? He asked if I spoke Korean. I told him that "a little" and he continued in English. He looked at my X-Rays again and re-wrapped my ankle and pushed me out the door with the advice to where my cast-thing for two more weeks. Ugh!

The kids were really great when they saw me for the first time with the injury. They all were concerned.

"Teacher, are you hurt?"

I was just happy that they spoke in proper English. During one class, I had to remove my bandage and rewrap it because it was too tight. The kids immediatley started claiming that my foot smelled very bad. It didn't, but all kids assume that every foot is very smelly (interesting from a culture that prizes shoe removal). One girl named Sarah came to my defense.

"It's okay George Teacher. You are hurt." she said while patting my back.

She was very kind and I'm happy she stuck up for me.

Here's a video update of my ankle.


Mom said...

How very horrible looking. Poor GWee! I am so sorry and wish I could be there to help.

Stay off of it as much as you can!

I would like another video of your progress in a few days!

Oncle Jean said...

That's a pretty angry looking ankle. The film was good though. Too bad you missed this year's Sundance. Maybe next year!

Rodge said...

ha...that looks horrible! that's worse than when funnie sprained his ankle

sid said...

Yeah, that is alot least you can remember doing it though.

Goose! said...

It still could have been a great make-up're so entertaining, George, even unwrapping your ankle. Love you!